Generals of Huangpu Military Academy, my deceased father Gu Xuezhu (right), first teacher in painting and calligraphy, Uncle Zhu Fengzhu (Left)

Art is my life

Twilight Volga River Variations (Mulatto 2012 360×120cm)

Moonlit Night in Gusu(Chinese Ink 1990 138×50cm)

The Bridge ,Round Moon upon the Hometown(Chinese Ink 1990 70×70cm)

Malaysia Minuet(Chinese Ink 2001 138×70cm)

Elieen of AlaShan Desert (Chinese Ink 2011 138×70cm)

The Family Beside The River Of Gusu(Chinese Ink Color 1993 138×50cm)

Spring in Gusu(Chinese Ink Color 1993 138×50cm)

Love to the Hometown(Chinese Ink Color 1993 138×50cm)

Scene of Fengqiao Bridge in autumn(Chinese Ink Color 2001 138×70cm)

Missing in cold Winter(Chinese Ink Color 1993 138×50cm)

Reminiscence of Xingqiao(Chinese Ink Color 2001 138×50cm)

Feeling about the Hometown(Chinese Ink Color 1992 138×50cm)

Spring Awakens(Chinese Ink Color 1992 138×50cm)

Recalling Chinldhood(Chinese Ink 2006 96×45cm)

Moonlight Sonata(Chinese Ink 2013 180×96cm)

Lingering Tune During Free(Chinese Ink Color 1994 138×70cm)
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Saint-Saens: Piano Concerto No.1 of background music; player: Nacy aged 19 and major in piano at Belarusian State Academy of Music; venue: Belarus Minsk National Grand Theatre; performance band: Minsk National Symphony Orchestra
My Hometown – A Beautiful Place in video Power of Love, singing and harmonica solo by Gu Naiping in 1986