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Title of works: Home – China’s Soul M·G936 Large-Scale Nostalgic Symphonic Poem
Overall length of works: (transverse) 
Form of works: Chinese ink painting and calligraphy scroll, Nine Volumes and Four Movements. 

Movement 1 (Volume 1)38.5m×0.45m 
Piano of Desert Oasis 
Elieen, Strange Forest and Khara-khoto 

Movement 2 (Volume 2)28.6m×0.45m 
G Major Scale Aria of Silk Road 
Han Great Wall at Yumen Pass, Yardang Landform, grottoes of Mogao Grottoes and Crescent Spring 

Movement 2 (Volume 3)43.8m×0.45m 
F Minor Scale Qilian Mountain Violin Concerto 
Qilian Mountain, the Great Wall at Jiayuguan Pass, Colorful Danxia 

Movement 2 (Volume 4)32.45m×0.45m
G Major Scale Aria of Silk Road
Malatya Beige grottoes, Gobi Jiangnan and Maiji Mountain

Movement 3 (Volume 5)37.12m×0.45m
A Major Scale Mannheim Symphony
Symphony for Majestic Appearance of Mountain Huangshan

Movement 3 (Volume 6)32.35m×0.45m
M·G Polychoir of Venice Music School
Mist-covered Waters of Mountain Huangshan and Old Mansion in Huizhou

Movement 4 (Volume 7)38.53m×0.45m
Nostalgic 128M·Y Naples Opera
Songs without Word for the Yangtze River Delta and West Maze Village of Peiping

Movement 4 (Volume 8)6.6m×0.45m
Mabel One of Triple Fugue (Baodai Bridge)

Movement 4 (Volume 9)23.5m×0.45m
Home – China’s Soul 


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Saint-Saens: Piano Concerto No.1 of background music; player: Nacy aged 19 and major in piano at Belarusian State Academy of Music; venue: Belarus Minsk National Grand Theatre; performance band: Minsk National Symphony Orchestra
My Hometown – A Beautiful Place in video Power of Love, singing and harmonica solo by Gu Naiping in 1986