Invitation to Wine

Jean Anouilh Proverbs

Ana of Han Dynasty

Celebrated Dictum in Ming Dynasty

Ana of Tang Dynasty

Ana of Empress Wu Zetian

Proverbs of Heroes

Proverbs of Warring States Period

Proverbs of History As A Mirror

Seeing Brother Off (Tang Dynasty, poem written by a 7-year girl)


A man of great wisdom appears slow-witted

Harvard Proverbs

Happy mostly comes from hard work

Let It Be

Mantra of the Like

Picture of Two Holies of Hanshan and Shide

Harvard Proverbs
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Saint-Saens: Piano Concerto No.1 of background music; player: Nacy aged 19 and major in piano at Belarusian State Academy of Music; venue: Belarus Minsk National Grand Theatre; performance band: Minsk National Symphony Orchestra
My Hometown – A Beautiful Place in video Power of Love, singing and harmonica solo by Gu Naiping in 1986